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November 29, 2017

A focus on improving the consumer experience is driving collaboration and co-innovation across the healthcare ecosystem

Digital transformation in healthcare cannot be avoided. It’s happening now, and it’s impacting organizations across the healthcare ecosystem. From boosting productivity and operational efficiency, to innovating with new business models, healthcare services organizations are investing in digital initiatives that deliver better outcomes for healthcare consumers.

The Uber-ization of everything means today’s consumer expectations for digital services have already been set by their experiences with organizations across other industry sectors. To stay relevant healthcare organizations will need to develop a digital transformation playbook that creates strategic differentiation and drives competitive advantage.

Where should you start? Where are your peers placing their bets when it comes to digital transformation?

A recent global study, sponsored by Axway revealed that: Improving the healthcare customer experience (CX) is the top digital initiative for over 78% of healthcare services organizations.

This is consistent with what we are seeing across the healthcare industry right now, as a rise in healthcare consumerism and shift toward value-based, outcome driven healthcare are driving investment and focus on digital innovations aimed at improving the patient experience.

Another key finding of the study centered on the usage of APIs. Nearly half of healthcare services organizations, the study revealed, currently use APIs (application program interfaces) to connect, collaborate, and innovate with their digital ecosystem, including customers.

Some of the key outcomes these organizations hope to achieve from their investment in digital initiatives include:

  • Improved speed of service delivery
  • Improved application integration
  • New partnerships
  • Increased revenue streams

Now is the time to rethink the IT and organizational capabilities needed to start, scale, and sustain your digital transformation. Are you ready?

Check out the infographic Trending in digital healthcare to see a summary of the key healthcare insights from our study.

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