Best practices for accelerating digital transformation in healthcare

July 29, 2016


Improving Outcomes by Connecting Patients & Providers Across the Care Continuum

Facing the new realities of healthcare reform, healthcare organizations recognize the benefits of a more connected, collaborative patient care approach and are adapting it to extend the point of care beyond the four walls of their practice to enable a continuous care experience. However, this approach places unprecedented pressure on IT departments to support solutions that are more open and accessible to providers and today's connected consumer.

Systems of record that hold huge volumes of healthcare data must be unlocked and be able to talk to each other. Health data must be shared securely within health systems, across health systems, and with patients — and this data must increasingly be mobile in order to truly make an impact on outcomes  getting it to the right person, in the right place, at the right time

For healthcare organizations to thrive in a value-based care environment, they must be able to leverage an interoperable infrastructure capable of capturing, aggregating, analyzing, and sharing data, which requires providers of all sizes to take key steps in building a foundation for information sharing and engagement.

At a high level, the following steps describe what is necessary for healthcare organizations to progress on their digital transformation journey:

  • COLLECT: Leverage electronic health records to create a digital footprint for patients
  • UNLOCK: Unlock data to move information securely across disparate systems
  • EXCHANGE: Expose data & services securely across applications & devices
  • ENGAGE: Build & deploy digital tools to engage patients anytime, anywhere
  • OPTIMIZE: Extract maximum value from data by deriving actionable intelligence from analytics

Healthcare organizations will need to invest in key digital enablement capabilities such as B2B/EDI integration, API Management, and Analytics in order to progress along these various stages. 

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