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December 11, 2017

Fresh off this year's Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit I remain passionate about our customers realizing real tangible business results with AMPLIFY and by implementing Customer Experience Networks for value based digital transformation. The conference carried strong tracks on app strategy, innovation and customer experience. The theme of the conference if I were to sum it up was "yes". Yes driving attendees of any role to be an enabler of innovation. Axway was fortunate to have a customer speaker right in line with the conference theme now. Let's look at a few examples:

Speaking at this past weeks APSS conference was Axway customer Kevin Williamson from SirusXM who presented not only a great IOT story with API's as the backbone for SiriusXM’s new 360 degree listening experience but how they use APIs as a new business channel for driving subscriptions through 3rd party organizations. SirusXM is more than a great IOT story, they have implemented a customer experience network and is reaping results.

Earlier in the year our customer Bill Bensing at PODS spoke at Gartner’s Enterprise Architecture conference earlier in the year. With the conference theme "Mastering Digital Business Platform Complexity", PODS shared a live use case of a company operating a Digital Business Platform and opening their business to business from the ecosystem through PODS APIs. PODS implemented a Customer Experience Network for new business channels. This allows PODS to focus on their core value prop getting a container safely and securely from point A to point B while 3rd parties are now able to build the PODS service into their business offering. PODS is delivering containers "as a service" now as a new digital business channel and through this is becoming the backbone or a critical service to other business large and small.

Let's go back further, as in 2016 it was Axway customer Kamron Abtahi with Dunn and Bradstreet speaking at Gartner Application Architecture Development and Integration Summit for Axway. Dunn and Bradstreet looked to digital to focus on customer retention, acquisition and expansion with the addition of a new Digital Business channel and through this reported 30M in revenue from the channel at a 200% increase in the last 4 years. Dunn and Bradstreet is a great example of a customer experience network serving, retaining and growing their business through the channel.

Three very different industries, three very different customers, three different conferences and yet a consistent cadence of customers realizing tangible business value from digital channels. All leveraging the ecosystem through a customer experience network. Very proud of our customers. Real world examples of Value based Digital Business.

Want to learn more about Customer Experience Networks and how you can realize greater gains from your digital investments? Check out the IDC research on the phenomenon called Customer Experience Networks to find out more -, or

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