Fueling Co-Innovation: Team Axway Triumphs at Cardinal Health’s SMASH Hackathon

June 12, 2017

To keep pace with an ever-changing digital technology landscape, some of the world’s top companies are realizing the benefits of co-innovation and collaboration to accelerate the pace of strategic digital initiatives. Axway customer Cardinal Health, a leading global integrated healthcare services and products company, recently held a SMASH-a-thon Challenge which brought together teams from a variety of technology partners, in addition to internal developer teams to participate. Teams competed in this hackathon to develop a Smart Monitoring And Self-Healing solution to help ensure seamless flow and visibility to data moving across various systems and technologies–with the ultimate goal of improving the customer experience.


Participating teams had nine hours to work on their solution. In the end…Team Axway won Most Innovative and Best Overall Solution at the event with their fileWingr app! The fileWingr solution, which leverages Axway’s secure integration and unified development technology, provides proactive alerts on issues with stuck data files, diagnoses where the error has occurred, and includes functionality to self-heal and facilitate resolution of issues –all from an easy to use mobile app.

The convergence of technologies such as API, B2B/EDI and App Development tools that support fast delivery of apps at an enterprise scale, help make solutions like Team Axway’s fileWingr possible. They also help transform the integration infrastructure so data can interact seamlessly with systems and technologies that optimize its value.


As healthcare organizations, like Cardinal Health, face an explosion of data and a need to innovate faster to stay competitive, the ability to proactively manage data issues – such as the those around stuck files – becomes critical to successful business operations and to providing the best customer experience.

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