Digital Business Transformation Powered by Axway and Appcelerator

January 20, 2016

This is a very exciting week for Axway as we announce the acquisition of Appcelerator and take an important step forward in our ability to help enterprises supercharge their digital business transformations. It is also an exciting day for me personally and as a CEO, as I have the privilege to bring new talent, enthusiasm, innovation and product excellence on board. I am so pleased to welcome Appcelerator founders Jeff and Nolan and each member of the Appcelerator team to Axway, and enjoyed what was shared in Jeff’s blog post earlier this week.

Appcelerator has built a vibrant ecosystem of more than 800,000+ developers, 400 independent software vendors (ISV), and 100 solution partners who use the Appcelerator Platform to build great mobile app experiences. Appcelerator was founded in 2006 with the introduction of its popular Titanium SDK, widely used in 185 countries for building cross-platform mobile apps. The Appcelerator Platform is purpose-built for digital business, handling over two billion cloud API calls per month and powering mobile apps running on over 350 million devices.

Every modern enterprise is on the journey to digital business, fueled by the need to deliver superior customer experience and business innovation while increasing operational efficiency. Instant access to personalized products and services from anywhere at any time is now mandatory. As consumers, we all know that having only a single way to research and buy things is no longer acceptable. Customers want to do business through multiple channels and experience consistent levels of service across all of their physical and virtual interactions. One just has to look at AirBnB, Wealthfront and Yard Club to know disruption is here, not only changing the face of the hotel, wealth management and construction equipment industries, but transforming how business is done in practically every industry.

The timing of this strategic acquisition is critical because the digital tipping point, where the majority of revenues are enabled by digital technologies, is here or quickly approaching for most enterprises. Companies need strong partners and ecosystems to invent digital businesses.

The combination of Appcelerator and Axway API management, for example, enables end-to-end mobile lifecycle management, from mobile app development and testing, to securing APIs to optimizing app adoption and monetization. Axway can also extend Appcelerator’s cloud services and DevOps capabilities to quickly deliver new solutions that encompass broader capabilities, beyond mobile.

As you can see, there is a lot to be excited about with this announcement, and a world of new opportunities to pursue! Again, I want to extend a warm welcome to the Appcelerator team and the talented and enthusiastic community of Appcelerator developers. Your innovations and commitment to the new digital world are something we can all learn from and be inspired by.

This is only the beginning. Stay tuned to hear more exciting news on the road ahead.

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