Why APIs and API Management are important?

September 12, 2017 Stephane Castellani

We have been talking a lot about APIs and API Management on this blog. But why is it important? This article is intended to business executives for them to better understand why APIs are so important to the business and to a larger extent, why API Management is too.

Let’s set up the context first to better understand what follows. The digital market has strong driving forces:

Every company has no other choice but engaging a race to digital transformation by implementing a specific digital strategy.




Why are APIs important to digital business?

  • They simplify how two different programs communicate.
  • They enable companies to grow business more quickly than ever before.
  • APIs are driving a new wave of innovation based on shared services leveraging DevOps.
  • They enable faster innovation by reducing barriers to change.
  • They enable business ecosystems where more people can contribute to an organization’s success.
  • APIs can be used to accomplish any business goal from increasing efficiency through business transformation.

What is API Management important?

  • API management helps manage, secure, mediate, analyze, and grow an API program.
  • APIs need to be secured from unauthorized access and threat.
  • API management enables mediating existing services and APIs to easy-to-use formats that developers know how to manipulate.
  • API infrastructure needs to seamlessly support the ability to scale from prototype to viral use.
  • API analysis metrics are important to IT operations, developers, and the business.
  • Success with APIs requires a successful developer program and portal to accelerate developer productivity.


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